My kids are making and LOVING their own snacks

Bought a dehydrator through Linda. Now my kids are making and LOVING their own snacks. They made their own fruit roll-ups where the only ingredients were strawberries (instead of food dyes, chemicals and artificial flavorings in store brand fruit roll-ups). We’ve dehydrated pears, apples, sprouted nuts, and even kale which they loved (they never liked kale nor did they like the kale chips from the store). It’s crazy easy…pretty much just slicing fruit and placing it on the tray, or blending it for a few seconds first…my kind of low maintenance cooking!

Genna Bell, Hobe Sound, Fla

Olive Leaf and Arnica

About two years ago our family got together at my younger daughter’s house in California for Christmas. Weirdly enough, as each guest arrived, they  appeared to have symptoms of the flu or some kind of a virus. There were about 10 people in the house and all of them were sick except my daughter and me. Linda has always suggested that we take Olive Leaf when traveling in a plane or when in a big crowd for protection against germs. Thankfully, I had my Olive Leaf with me. My younger daughter and I immediately started taking the Olive Leaf each AM & PM, took care of the ailing, cleaned up after them and remained well, thankfully and thanks to Linda for telling us about Olive Leaf.

Another instance I went on a cruise where I went on several tours which involved much walking. I had recently injured my knee. Between the tours and all the stair climbing on the ship, my knee was in agony. I pulled out the Arnica that Linda suggested and applied it to my knee. Instantly my knee felt relief and lasted for several hours before I needed to reapply it. Arnica was a real life saver!
These are just a few instances where Linda’s products and her advice have made my life easier.

Maribel Clerc

Vibrant Essentials

Ever had a twitching eye? I did for 3 days when I sought Linda’s help for it. She said to add these Vibrant Essentials to my drinking water. My problem went away in 5 hours! Yay! The twitching eye was so annoying and embarrassing and the solution was SO simple! I add these drops to my water daily. Thank you!

Holly McKhann, Corona CA, Star Legacy Homes LLC

Pink Minerals

Truth be told…I never drank water.  None!  Not a single sip in an entire day!  I’d attempt to, but I just didn’t like it.  Then my friend Tracy gave me a sample of Linda’s Pink Minerals, to add to a 32 oz jar of warm water each morning before eating.  Well…I now get all that water down each day-NO PROBLEM!  FINALLY I DRINK WATER!  I’m soooooo in love with this salt…it tastes the same as the table salt yet it’s healthy???? Could this really be happening????  I’m usually complaining how anything that tastes great is bad for you, but this salt is like a license to have some salt. What???  This is too good to be true!  I’m still waiting for Linda to say “psyche”!  In addition to liking the taste, I do feel VERY different since hydrating.  My skin is no longer so dry and I feel way less hungry.  I used to wake up ravenous for breakfast.  Now I drink my warm water with salt and find I’m not all that hungry.  I even sit and find myself enjoying it just like a morning coffee!  I love knowing I’m getting these 80 plus minerals in me, plus its easy to give to my daughters bc its pretty in pink!

Roger & Genna Bell

Pink Minerals

After arriving in England from Florida I found it extremely challenging getting over the jet lag with a 5 hour time difference to get use to. After a week of suffering through a major lack of sleep I decided to try the Pink Minerals under my tongue before bed at night. It worked absolute WONDERS! It was the first night in a week that I didn’t stare at the ceiling for hours on end trying to fall asleep. It took a couple of nights for it to work for my boyfriend, but in the end it helped both of us out dramatically. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with insomnia issues or just to someone suffering from a bit of jet lag.

Lindsay M

Cell Salts

Linda told me about her medicine cabinet being just these jars of cell salts.  So I figured I’d try them and then probably have to administer the stronger stuff if and when they don’t work (tylenol, motrin, etc).  Well….my daughter had a blazing fever, congestion, and was beyond miserable.  This happens quite often and lasts for several days, most likely landing us in the pediatrician’s office for antibiotics.  So I followed through and tried the cell salts.  Within 2 hours she was free and clear!  It’s been 2 days and she’s still feeling perfect!  I am in shock!  And beyond grateful.  And this is NOT the first time Linda’s suggestions have made my life happier and healthier!  Thank you thank you thank you LINDA!!!!

Roger & Genna Bell