Product Description

As I realized the human population wants a quick fix for optimal nutrition and energy. At the beginning of my thinking of offering the Spirulina/Chlorella, I would energy test my clients for the dosage of tablets to be taken on a daily basis. What I saw was amazing! The more serious cases of dis-ease and imbalance within the body, the higher dosage of tablets that the client’s body would require. After retesting several clients over several months, I would see the number of tablets decrease to what my suggested dosage is today for the majority of clients- 15 tablets 2x a day. Spirulina/Chlorella is a Whole Food Nutrient, giving a person an excellent source of a complete, highly absorbable quality protein, which is essential for system repair. Everyone can benefit from the superior absorption of nutrients the product has to offer. (even dogs and cats will ask for it when they hear the bag opening!)

Spirulina Chlorella provides the body with nearly all of its nutritional needs, it is a powerful immune system builder, extremely detoxifying and excellent for digestion. Chlorella and Spirulina are 60% protein with 18 different amino acids in them that are in the correct ratio to one another. The pure nutrients in Spirulina Chlorella also provide increased vitality and energy follow. Spirulina itself is a very potent source of energy.

Ingredients: Spirulina, Chlorella.