Truth be told…I never drank water.  None!  Not a single sip in an entire day!  I’d attempt to, but I just didn’t like it.  Then my friend Tracy gave me a sample of Linda’s Pink Minerals, to add to a 32 oz jar of warm water each morning before eating.  Well…I now get all that water down each day-NO PROBLEM!  FINALLY I DRINK WATER!  I’m soooooo in love with this salt…it tastes the same as the table salt yet it’s healthy???? Could this really be happening????  I’m usually complaining how anything that tastes great is bad for you, but this salt is like a license to have some salt. What???  This is too good to be true!  I’m still waiting for Linda to say “psyche”!  In addition to liking the taste, I do feel VERY different since hydrating.  My skin is no longer so dry and I feel way less hungry.  I used to wake up ravenous for breakfast.  Now I drink my warm water with salt and find I’m not all that hungry.  I even sit and find myself enjoying it just like a morning coffee!  I love knowing I’m getting these 80 plus minerals in me, plus its easy to give to my daughters bc its pretty in pink!


-Roger & Genna Bell