About two years ago our family got together at my younger daughter’s house in California for Christmas. Weirdly enough, as each guest arrived, they  appeared to have symptoms of the flu or some kind of a virus. There were about 10 people in the house and all of them were sick except my daughter and me. Linda has always suggested that we take Olive Leaf when traveling in a plane or when in a big crowd for protection against germs. Thankfully, I had my Olive Leaf with me. My younger daughter and I immediately started taking the Olive Leaf each AM & PM, took care of the ailing, cleaned up after them and remained well, thankfully and thanks to Linda for telling us about Olive Leaf.

Another instance I went on a cruise where I went on several tours which involved much walking. I had recently injured my knee. Between the tours and all the stair climbing on the ship, my knee was in agony. I pulled out the Arnica that Linda suggested and applied it to my knee. Instantly my knee felt relief and lasted for several hours before I needed to reapply it. Arnica was a real life saver!
These are just a few instances where Linda’s products and her advice have made my life easier.

Maribel Clerc