The Many Uses of Vibrant Pink Minerals
You say you have never heard of Pink Minerals?  Take a few minutes to discover the many healthy uses of Vibrant Pink Minerals in your daily routine to improve your overall health!
Quality Sleep
A pinch under tongue just before bed, promotes quality, consistent sleep.   Minerals are the foundation of our health. Ideal bedtime is between 10pm and 5am, for optimal body healing and repair. It may take up to 1 week to see results, especially in chronic sleep conditions.
Productive Elimination
Start with a pinch of Vibrant Pink Minerals in 32 oz slightly warm water, increasing to 1/2 tsp, 1st thing each morning before food.  This daily routine allows for excellent, consistent, productive elimination on a daily basis. Productive elimination is one of the seven foundational steps to Vibrant Body Health.* (see The 7 Steps to Vibrant Body Health)
Natural Electrolyte (quick workout recovery)
Vibrant Pink Minerals is a natural electrolyte. considering it has 84 naturally occurring minerals the body readily absorbs.  We lose electrolytes when we sweat, so replenishing our minerals after sweating or a workout is key to health!
        “Vibrant Pink Minerals completes the electrical circuit in the body.” 
Food Seasoning
Vibrant Pink Minerals can also be used to season foods.  Perhaps one of my favorite things to do with this Pink salt is sprinkle on lightly steamed veggies, such as asparagus, broccoli, sliced cabbage, sliced zucchini, red, orange, or yellow bell peppers.  While the veggies are still hot, add into a bowl, put a dollop of coconut oil, and sprinkle a small amount of the Vibrant Pink Minerals onto the veggies.  You will crave the veggies, as the minerals in the salt is what we need to recuperate and rejuvenate.  White salt, which is in a category by itself, is bleached, chemicalized, toxic and creates a long list of health problems.
Superior Quality Ingredients
Vibrant Pink Minerals on the store shelves are none to compare!  Energetically, the product practically buzzes out of the bag! The way a company’s product is handled can mean the difference between absorbing quality nutrients or toxic ingredients.  The reason people continue to notice an improvement in their overall health with this product is the quality of the product.
Here’s to your daily “pink pinch” and to your Vibrant Body Health!  🙂