Today, as I catch up on my reading, I came across this great article.  I hope people will not just scroll, and rather respond to this post. The article was written by a Rabbi.  He quotes (Deut.4:39) “And you shall know today and place it in your heart that God is God in the heavens above and on the ground below, there is none other”.  The Rabbi goes on to explain that this verse teaches from wherever our own beliefs take us, there aren’t hundreds or thousands of entities…it all stops at the One and only.  I was brought up Catholic, have practiced Christianity for a majority of my life, have many friends and family that practice the same, or Judaism, Mormonism, Mysticism, Agnostic or Atheism.  Ironically, it applies to ALL!   The common bond for the Oneness is this:   this understanding is extremely powerful in many areas of our lives as the Bible instructs us to “place it in our hearts”.  When our Purpose, our will, our emotions line up with this reality,  we are less anxious, we worry less, we are more optimistic and more confident in ourselves, which perpetuates into our world.  “Not knowing what our Purpose in this world is creates a black hole in our minds.”(addictions..and they are ALL the same, just named something different)
Everything in our life happens for a reason!  Things that happen on a daily basis cannot possibly be summed up to coincidence!  The lessons are there, only if we are paying attention.  This article is so appropriate for the month dedicated to ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’.  Why live in fear?  The frantic search for the Cure…people are putting all of their faith in a pill to be created, only so they can pay lots of money to take this pill when they Do have the dis-ease??  Why not practice The 7 Steps to Vibrant Body Health?  These 7 Steps can be practiced daily while we are ‘waiting’ for the c_re to happen.  Who knows? Maybe because of practicing these 7 simple steps, we may never have to worry about how much the ‘pill’ will cost. Here’s to Your VibrantBodyHealth.