Recently, many people have asked me questions about creating a health budget.  There are a few things to consider when creating this all-important, life-changing budget.

First, please educate yourself on the importance of organic produce.  When the liver is having to process the pesticides, toxic chemicals and genetically modified produce, the liver becomes stagnant and toxic.  A conventionally grown apple may seem healthy, but after the liver processes all of the toxic ingredients, you may be better off NOT eating the conventionally grown apple!  The body more readily absorbs produce which is organically grown.  Organically grown produce also tastes better!  Dozens of my clients in the past who shared their dislike of (conventionally grown) apples were pleasantly surprised with the delicious taste of an organically grown apple.

Also, please notice I said organic produce, not organic chips.  Boxed items are not our optimal choice for creating a healthy lifestyle, and boxed or bagged organic food is an oxymoron!  Better to purchase your produce organic, and look for the best price if you ARE purchasing chips, and thinking towards the ultimate goal of eliminating the store bought chips altogether, invest in a dehydrator, and make your own truly healthy chips.

Second, write out two groups of your health budget.  Group #1 will have the appliances and kits that will last you over several year’s use.  The anti viral kit for cold and flu, a cell salts kits, and liver cleansing kit and various items such as a neti pot, enema bucket, ***Vitamix, Omega Juicer, dehydrator will be in this group.   The appliances are long term products that you will be using daily or many times each week for your healthy lifestyle.

Group #2 will have products to purchase each month.  Products like the Vibrant Body Health kit will be used every day, and purchased on a monthly basis.  Olive leaf, chia seed, hemp seed are products you may use once or twice a day.

Third, look in your pantry, kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Several years ago, I would be invited into client’s homes to assess what was in their cabinets.  This assessment was done to determine what health products would be a good re-purchase, and what products were either downright toxic, not purposeful, or another product on the market could replace a particular product that would be less expensive and more multi-purpose.  If we were able to add up the cost of the unnecessary or toxic ingredient products, and replace with organic produce and purposeful appliances and quality, whole food products, most times, the healthier purchases would be less expensive!

Please email me your kitchen and bathroom health product questions!  I am happy to help you save money on one of the most important investments on the planet- YOU!

Here’s to YOUR Vibrant Body Health! <3


A few quick tips for creating a health budget:

1. Consider keeping a health product journal, logging your experience with each product you purchase.

2.  Just because the ingredients show the same on the label does NOT mean they are the same QUALITY ingredients, therefore, will not have the same results.

3.  Less is better!  The fewer the products you take on a daily basis, the better off you will feel!

4.  Instead of purchasing a product like fish oil, which does not have any health benefits, as it creates more toxic buildup (dead enzyme, source of fish), consider a whole food like chia seed, which has multiple nutrients, like a complete protein, quality Omega 3’s, fiber, and so much more.

5.  Are there items on a daily basis that you take as a supplement (like D3), that you could get for FREE from daily intake of the sun?

6.  Are there food items you eat or drink on a daily basis that are depleting or counteracting the effects of the product nutrients you are paying for on a daily basis? (Coffee and soda immediately come to mind).

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