When I got my 1st juicer, I was excited that I could even put it together, and that the juice I made that day tasted pretty good!  After only a week or so of juicing, I started to have more sound sleep,  lost some excess weight, experienced less joint pain, and my mind was less cloudy.
After a month or so, I started reading about more expensive juicers, and all of the health benefits (and benefits I was missing from my “inferior” juicer).   Suddenly, I felt like my juicer was quite inferior and that maybe I should stop juicing because I was missing out on all of the health benefits.  Wait just a minute!  I had a shift in my health in how I FELT in just under a week’s time, and now I was second guessing myself??
After several decades of changing my thinking and ways about TRUE health, I have now realized that life is NOT about being perfect and having the best of everything out there.  It’s not about being perfect; it’s about establishing a balance in everything we do. When my friends started out making my recipe for the Greens Drink *, I would suggest they start with whatever blender they had in their kitchen, or borrow one from a friend until the Greens Drink was a lifestyle for them.  After that, investing in a Vitamix Blender*** was my suggestion ONLY because, there are many other things besides blending a Greens Drink that a Vitamix blender can do (fresh soups, healthy ice creams, sauces, etc).  It is an invaluable investment, and a multi-tasking investment at that!
Simply blending or juicing at least one time a day IS a very healthy and worthwhile investment.  We are absorbing 99% of the nutrients when we juice.  Most people begin to feel the cloud of sickness lift as they begin to juice regularly.  Plenty of health articles out there can put doubt in your mind about what is health or not, however, how you FEEL, in my opinion, is a more important indicator of what is truly working, rather than any of these studies.  (who is paying for these studies??  THAT would be my 1st question and MAIN CONCERN. )
A recent WebMD article (1) talks about the health risks and benefits of juicing.  The article talks about us not relying on juicing as the sole source of fruits and vegetables.  The article goes on to say that we need the fiber and we need the skin on fruits and vegetables for nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which I agree with.  The ironic thing is THAT is exactly what juicing is about!  I have never eaten the rinds of oranges, avocados, or lemons, and I do not juice the rinds, although there are a few juicers that can certainly do that.  What I DO juice with the skins on is everything else!  I do not peel the ginger, apple, carrot, cucumber or anything else that has a skin.  Perhaps that is one really great thing about juicing.  The entire fruit or vegetable can be juiced: core, seeds, skin.
MOST people have digestive issues in our society, hence the huge market for prescription and OTC pills designed to mask symptoms of  indigestion.  Juicing requires almost NO digestion; it readily absorbs into the bloodstream.  You can actually feel it’s action immediately.  A sense of well-being immediately following juicing is a very common  experience from juicing.  The cells are being nourished, and the body is actually absorbing all of the juice’s nutrients, vitamins, minerals from that fruit or vegetable.  Occasionally, some people may have a cleansing action from the juice ,where they feel a bit nauseous, have diarrhea, or a slight headache .  That is toxins finally being cleaned up out of the cells, and moving quickly towards an exit strategy!
The article goes on to say that juicers can be expensive, from $50 to $400.  Expensive compared to WHAT??  What is the cost of good health?  Actually, what is the cost of being SICK??
$200 will buy you a good juicer that will give you that feel good effect, without the caffeine and chemicals.  Most energy drinks on the market are about $2.50 a serving x 20 days, which is $50 right there, with NO health benefits to show for it, and LOTS of toxicity and sickness over the long run!
When I do my weekly grocery shopping for my organic produce it may look like this:  bunch of kale, parsley, cilantro, celery, carrots, radishes, ginger, red/yellow/orange bell pepper.  A bag of grapefruits, lemons, oranges, apples.  These are the ingredients I make my juices, Greens drinks, salads, soups with for the week.  It cost me about $30 for a week’s worth of produce, and it all gets used up.  I also love Thai (young) coconuts.  More about coconuts in another blog.
Most people tell me either that they don’t care for salads, feel gassy and bloated after eating them, or are “allergic” to some salad ingredient.  Most people also tell me after juicing or blending those SAME salad ingredients they would otherwise put in a salad makes them feel great!  Our society holds itself back from health!  Just purchase ANY juicer, some organic greens, and begin juicing today to begin your journey to health.  Your body will thank you for it with a glowing complexion, healthy hair, a well toned looking body, and a smile on your face knowing that you did it!
Here’s to your Vibrant Body Health!

*** (COPY & PASTE : 06-003845 for free shipping on Vitamix blender today!)