My brain compartmentalizes almost everything I do!  What I mean by this is although I am far from being considered organized (who needs organization??) I find myself always grouping my thoughts into categories.

Take for instance, health.  Wow!  No surprise there that my brain is always contemplating health.  I think about the anti viral kit for the common cold, or flu: Olive Leaf, Vibrant Colon Health, and peppermint oil. (look at Anti-Viral kit on my website for more info).  Also, my brain has a habit of grouping things into threes.  I try to choose for my clients the top three items that will MOST likely help them through their healing crisis the fastest.

Often times, as I am at a health food store,  I cruise the supplement aisle.  I am not looking for products.   I am curious to see what people are looking at in these aisles.  Whether they are in front of the colon health area, the probiotic section, or even the menopause area, I am always tempted (and admittedly, sometimes I will start up a conversation about health)  to say to the person I see “Hey, why don’t you hand over your health budget monies, and let me handle that part for you?”

A health budget seems like a crazy idea (something like an organized desk), or is it??  Most people have no clue how much they spend on their supplements, tinctures, tonics, lotions and potions.  I see people purchasing products which are crazy expensive.  They heard about the health product on a tv commercial, read about it in a health magazine, or a friend at the gym told them it was a great product.  Humbly speaking, many of these store bought products just won’t do the trick like my system of three:

1.  A foundational kit to give the body the basics
2.  Quality foods and quality water to nourish the body
3.  An effective solution to move toxins out of the body

There is so much in depth information in each of the above three steps, however after a person gets the gist of each concept, the results are life-changing.

So much money is wasted on products in the marketplace on products that just do NOT work!  That is why the supplement industry is a billion dollar a year industry.  The correct products are not expensive, if they are truly quality products that actually work.  When you see how much sickness can cost, no wonder people are living in fear about our healthcare system.  Confusion about what works, what are quality products, and what if they don’t work? are on the top of many people’s minds when it comes to self medicating.

Logically looking at any product i look at three things:

1.  How many (or few ingredients) are in your health product?  Vibrant Colon Health has only three ingredients!  i saw a comparable product on another very popular health website.  Their product was $10 less, however there were 5 more ingredients than the ingredients in my product.  The other ingredients were fillers.  Extra ingredients create a huge taxation on the liver, and the body has to eliminate these extra ingredients, which are not health-giving ingredients.  If you take a product like this once in awhile, fine.  Daily use, toxic build up creates more harm than good.

Less is better!  Fewest products and  highest quality of ingredients possible. The fewer products, adding in the other required nutrients from food sources throughout the day, the more our body will thank us by showing radiant, glowing skin, normal weight, and overall Vibrancy!

Here’s to your Vibrant Body Health! 🙂