Hair conditioner with edible ingredients!!!

Are you able to eat your hair products? I’m not saying that I would eat my shampoos and conditioners-but being able to eat the ingredients is a great indicator of Truly healthy products. Your skin is the largest eliminative organ of the body. Do not put anything on your skin or hair that you cannot eat!

“One of my very favorite Morrocco Method products is Zen Detox.”

The goal in my business at Vibrant Body Health is to educate the population on nourishing the cells with whole food nutrients and opening the 4 channels of elimination for toxins to have clear exit strategies. True health on a daily basis consists of healing and repairing. Zen Detox lifts heavy metals and other toxins from the scalp while revitalizing the hair follicles.

My favorite saying is: “We are what we intake, assimilate and eliminate (or not!)”
We need all the help it can get to eliminate toxins and detox.

Zen Detox is the answer to nourish and detox hair follicles, revealing a beautiful head of hair!

If you live in a hard water area, take showers where you are bathing in chlorine, have amalgam fillings, ingest processed foods, or are looking to revitalize your hair, Zen Detox is the answer.

Zen Detox conditioning treatment is like visiting a spa for the hair!

Tools: (for best results)
-wooden spoon
-glass bowl
-dry hair
-1/3 to 1/2 mixture of Zen Detox (depending on hair length)
-1-2 hours time for relaxation

-Mix *clean water with Zen Detox until creamy lotion consistency (extra mixture can be saved for future use-just add water when ready for next treatment)
-Massage Zen Detox mixture from scalp to ends of hair. Make sure to massage the Zen Detox deeply into massage and gently work thru hair.
**I place a plastic bag over my hair to retain the heat while doing my treatment. I also do a face masque* during this time, and relax in my FIR Sauna, or sit out on my balcony in the sun to allow the product to really penetrate into hair and scalp, or I may take a warm bath as well. The drier the product before rinse out, the better.
-When the deep conditioning treatment is ready to rinse out, gently run warm water from the shower through each section of my hair, making sure to feel for any conditioning treatment left in hair.
-Follow with cool water to close pores and create a beautiful shine.

The longer this amazing treatment is left on hair (up to 2 hours), the increased benefit of increased circulation, Truly nourishing ingredients, and greater removal of toxins from the scalp. Expected results? Your hair will be thicker, more Vibrant, and feeling amazingly healthy. Your cells will thank you for giving it Truly healthy ingredients.

I love doing these treatments one to two times a month.

Zen Detox can be used on any type of hair whether straight, curly, color treated, and any ethnic type of hair. Learn more about other amazing hair products at Morrocco Method.

Here’s to your Vibrant Body Hair!