Calcium, as many of us have heard, promotes the growth and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones.  Some of calcium’s lesser known attributes are that it fights germs, soothes and supports the nervous system and helps to maintain the cardiovascular system, including regulating the heart beat.  Calcium also aids in the utilization of iron, and helps to neutralizes acidity in the body.  Most disease we see in present day results from an overly acidic body.  Stress, environmental toxins, and dead, nutrient deficient foods all contribute to the body’s symptoms of acidic conditions.

Milk is NOT a good source of Calcium.  Live enzymes feed the cells.  Milk is “dead” in terms of enzyme contents due to  pasteurization ( heat treatment or irradiation to sterilize).  Pasteurization kills off the live enzymes, creating a liquid that is not a quality calcium.   A BETTER choice is adding 2 cups of water to your Vitamix Blender, adding a handful of 1 or more of the below ingredients.  You will be very surprised how almost any dark leafy green and water blended taste.



Foods That Contain Calcium:

Almonds, avacado, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, coconut, dark leafy greens (collards, kale, bok choy) , sea vegetables (dulse, nori, wakami), olives, onions, parsley, sesame seeds, sprouts, sunflower seeds, and watercress.

Any kind of “milk” can be made adding 1 cup of raw, sprouted* nuts with 4 cups of quality, cold water**.

*sprouted nuts mean that the encasing on the nut is released to reveal a more nutritional food, and a more digestible ingredient.  Nuts tend to be sweeter when soaked overnight.

**I am not an advocate of drinking cold liquids, however if you are just beginning your journey in health, it’s not about being perfect in your healthy lifestyle that will ultimately bring you to Vibrant Body Health.  One step, and one day at a time is how you will succeed in your quest to healing and health.