Dry skin brushing is not exactly the topic you want to have at the dinner table, explaining how to make sure you lightly brush your buttocks,  or maybe you do?!  I mean, everyone is listening, and you will absolutely have everyone’s attention turning towards what you are about to explain.  People read gossip magazines, because it is drama and a topic that stirs the pot…so is dry skin brushing!  How many of your family and friends dry skin brush on a daily basis ?
When I ask people if they have been doing dry skin brushing on a daily basis, many people stop, stammer, and think of excuses WHY they have not done it!  I then ask if they would forget to brush their teeth? Of course not!  To create a habit, it takes 21 days, on a daily basis, to commit to doing whatever you are wanting to commit to memory.
I have my toothbrush, Dry Skin Brush, tooth powder, floss, hair brush, tongue scraper,  scalp stimulator all in the top drawer of my bathroom.  I take all of these items out every morning, knowing each item is an important step towards Vibrant Body Health.  As I use each item, I put back in drawer, including the Dry Skin Brush, knowing I have accomplished it all.  Do I really do this every day?  Yes, but after dry skin brushing for almost 10 years, I think the habit is there. Besides, it’s hard to forego having an awesome experience such as dry skin brushing!  Very inexpensive, quick and easy to do, and the results are life changing!
More important than having to know a specific technique of skin brushing, are some more important things to consider.
1.  The dry skin brush should be soft, natural bristle, and not stiff.  If it has rough bristles, you are going to avoid dry skin brushing!
2.  Start at the tops of your feet.  Do the tops of your toes, feet, ankles, and up each leg, in short (not heavy) strokes.  Dry skin brush the back of your legs, and buttocks, then brush your stomach in a circular, clockwise motion a few times.  This circular motion is the same way the large intestines eliminate, and this motion is said to help with stimulating elimination.
3.  Continue brushing in an upwards motion, on either side of the body, and up the back..whatever you can reach, or ask your significant other to dry skin brush your back, light, upward strokes.   Men, brush everything on your chest towards your heart, which has a pump, unlike the lymphatic glands. If  you are a female, lightly dry skin brush your breasts, avoiding the nipple area.
4.  Starting  with the fingernails, lightly brush the tops of the right hand, moving towards the shoulder, then under the arms, lightly.
5.  Brush the back of the neck upwards, in fact into the hairline is fine, as it redistributes the sebaceous oil that is greatest at the nape of the neck.  Then brush your entire hairline to redistribute that oil.
6.  Do NOT brush the face, because it is too harsh for the delicate facial skin.
7.  This entire process should take approximately 2-3 minutes. You will love how your skin feels when you dry skin brush!
8.  Perhaps most important is that dry skin brushing is done before you shower, exercise, or begin to sweat.  Do NOT get the dry skin brush wet.  I like to use a dry face cloth to wipe off my dry skin brush after use, ready for the next day.
We have four channels of elimination: colon, kidneys, lungs, and skin.  When one of the four channels are not in peak performance, our immune system is compromised, and sickness or symptoms are present.  The lymphatic glands, which are stimulated through dry skin brushing, help the white blood cells do their job…be a defender, and clean up the mess we create on a daily basis.
I like to envision the pores on my skin opening to allow the toxins to exit my body. Dry skin brushing is fantastic for reducing, and eliminating cellulite, with of course, a combination of a whole foods diet, quality water, daily exercise of at least 20 minutes continuous, a Greens Drink so the body is certainly absorbing quality nutrients, and adding in a daily routine of Vibrant Nutrients.
Only 3 minutes daily to a more vibrant, radiant, positive you to start the day!