A COFFEE enema does the trick to quickly eliminate toxins from the body.  Ironically, most people think a coffee enema is all about cleansing the colon, which might seem logical, but getting the Colon Rollin’ is only 1 aspect of a coffee enema.  The room temperature coffee causes the liver to produce more bile (an alkaline fluid that is secreted by the liver and assists with digestion  stored in the gallbladder).  The liver, a main filter in the body, uses bile to carry out the toxins from the body, literally within minutes, as is experienced during coffee enema cleanse.  During a coffee enema, the coffee will pass through the liver and colon walls several times, allowing a cleansing action to occur.

Doing a coffee enema is COMPLETELY different than consuming this very addictive morning beverage known to most as a cup of coffee.  A cup of coffee really sounds very innocent, yet it’s damage is far reaching,   when compared to a coffee enema, which is life changing in a very  healthy way.
A coffee enema stimulates an enzyme system in the liver-glutathione.  Glutathione is a peptide containing one amino acid residue each of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine, that is found in plant and animal tissues, and is known to create balance within a living tissue.  This process is capable of removing free-radicals (electrons that damage cells, and create aging of the body at a rapid rate) from the bloodstream.  As free radicals are released from the body, muscular tension is also released.  This is quite the opposite of consuming a cup of coffee, which creates muscular tension, by compromising calcium and other alkaline minerals in the body.  Whenever something as acidic as coffee is consumed, the body must make adjustments for it to be absorbed, such as leaching Calcium and other alkaline minerals out of the body.  Instead of alkaline minerals being used to heal the body, these life balancing minerals are instead having to neutralize toxic liquids.
Our goal in this life should be balance, in all things that we do.  It’s perhaps not about completely eliminating the daily morning coffee drink, rather mixing it up, if you do drink coffee on a daily basis, by doing an herbal tea one day, then a VIBRANT GREENS drink the next day, and so on.  What most feel by doing this is that the energy they maintain throughout the day is far greater with herbal teas or the GREENS drink than with coffee.  Also, most people I know who drink a cup of coffee, their 1 cup is really 24 ounces (3 cups), and if they are on the run, a designer coffee, such as Starbucks.
Another interesting tidbit:  most coffee enema users feel a sense of euphoria and lightness after doing a weekly or more often coffee enema.  When the liver is clean, flow and energy begins to resonate throughout the body.
Many serious coffee drinkers would share that after doing the Vibrant Body Health routine each day, their addiction to  coffee would lessen, and their craving for the GREENS DRINK would increase.  After a short while, most people quit the coffee, as the body intuitively knows what it needs nutritionally.
The liver is tied in with our emotions, so cleansing the liver and having a more postive outlook on the day would only make sense.
Here’s to Your Vibrant and Amazing health!

Coffee Enema Instructions:

What you will need:
Organic Pure Enema Coffee
(whole beans that you grind yourself or already ground)
1 gallon Distilled water or clean water
small towel
large towel
tissue paper


1.  Use ORGANIC coffee only, purchasing either whole coffee bean, and grind yourself, or purchase it already ground.
2.  Make 3 cups of coffee, so 3 heaping Tbsp., and 3 1/2 cups water.
3.  Use the freshly made coffee right away (hot), which should fill up to the 12 oz line of the Enema bucket.
4.  Fill the bucket with distilled water to the 36 oz line on the Enema bucket.
5.  Place Enema bucket on bathroom counter.
6.  Lay a towel on the floor (I use a hand towel) which your butt will be on while you are taking in the coffee enema mixture.
7.  Place a bath towel down to rest your RIGHT elbow on (propped up or laying down on right side while doing the coffee enema)
8.  Get a lubricant, such as coconut oil or castor oil (ideally one you can use just for bathroom use), to lightly coat around the entrance to the anus, before the insertion of the Enema bucket tube.
8.  Using a tissue paper (sanitary reasons), apply a small amount (nickel size) of oil to anus.
9.  Lay down on your right side, and take the blue tubing cover OFF of the Enema tube.  The blue tube covering is only to protect the Enema tube, and should NOT be inserted into the anus.  Once the blue tube cover is off, proceed to insert the clear portion of the enema tube NO MORE THAN 2″ into the anus.  (You will be able to feel what is comfortable.)
10.  The tube should be between your legs at this point.
11.  Unclamp the white clamp on the Enema tube, as the coffee solution should slowly exit the Enema bucket, and enter into your colon (Large Intestine).
12.  If the coffee solution does not begin to flow after unclamped, pull Enema tubing out of the anus SLIGHTLY, to enable air from the tubing to begin coffee flow.
13.  Just relax as the coffee solution begins to fill the colon, and starts it’s filter into the Liver. *  Leave the tubing inserted in the anus.
14.  You MAY feel a slight cramping, which is normal for some people.  Take a deep inhalation through your nose, and the cramping will likely go away almost immediately.
15.  You may massage your Liver area in a clockwise fashion (directly below the right ribcage) to stimulate flow in that region.
16.  Begin timing the retention of the coffee enema.
17.  Ideally, retaining the coffee  should be held in for 15 minutes.  During that time, the solution will filter through the Liver  4-5 times.  You may notice that close to the 15 minute mark, a cloudy brown mixture will enter the Enema tubing.  That is normal, and shows the release of toxins. *
18.  After the 15 minute mark is reached, clamp off the Enema tubing, and  remove the tubing from the anus.
19.. Wipe off any drops of coffee that may spill.
20.  Go directly over to toilet to empty the contents of your bowels.
21.  After you feel your bowels are emptied, rinse your Enema bucket with warm water and castile oil soap.  Let the castile soap and warm water run through the tubing, cleaning out any coffee residue.
22.  Begin filling the bucket with 32 oz of distilled water.  (you can heat 32 oz- 64 oz  of distilled water on stove before doing coffee enema, so that water will be slightly warm for the follow up 1-2 buckets of clean water that will follow your 1 bucket of coffee enema solution).
23.  Lay down, and follow enema instructions with the clean water only.  Make SURE the water is warm to the touch.
24.  Do this procedure 1-2 times with CLEAR water (not coffee), depending on how clean you want to feel.  Ideally, you should see NO dark water in the toilet, which would indicate that there is still toxic waste needing to be eliminated.  ( Some people have to initially do several clear water buckets to achieve this)
25.  After the final Enema bucket, wash bucket, blue tubing cover, and tubing in hot water and castile oil soap.  Wrap up the tube, and place in bucket with blue cap on tubing for the next use.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug  Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Coffee enemas are not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing women.  Check with physician prior to use.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or provide medical advice.