Foot Detoxification.
Ionic Detox Treatment.
Detox for health.
Detox for life.

detox foot bath

The healthy benefits of negative ions are well known.  This Foot Detox system offers disposable liners, easy in operation and maintenance and  maximum hygienic protection, if used by more than one family member or friend.


The special ionic detoxifying foot bath has many benefits such as it can:

  • restore a person’s energy
  • free energy blockages in the body
  • balance the mood
  • improve circulation
  • increase metabolism
  • help eliminate toxic build up


When the Foot detox system is activated, it produces ions which causes electrical movement and create a magnetic field. The electro magnetic force will enhance the bio-energy (the vital energy presented in our body) and help our body to eliminate free radical damages.

What are the Benefits of Foot Detox

Your immune system is under heavy suppression, as it works within a very toxic environment within your body. The foot detox can help to clean out your system by removing toxins and other wastes from your body, allowing your system to heal and repair.  It can help to heal many other types of symptoms, conditions, and diseases as well.

Whether you have an illness or not, the detox foot bath proves to be a useful treatment to help eliminate waste and accumulated toxins from your body. In addition to these positive benefits, the ions released into your body, can also assist in rebalancing your body’s pH level, fostering a healthy system.