Vibrant Body Health was founded in 2007.

The company really began (unofficially), when I was 19 years old, and was seen by a medical doctor at an urgent care facility. This doctor spent more time looking at my sclera (the white portion of the eyes), listening to my heart, (I was born with heart arrhythmia), and hearing my gut gurgling sounds (I was always bloated). He took great interest in knowing the foods I was eating daily. He told me if I did not change my diet to include some dark leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, quality protein and water, I would have a very sick and challenging life, and may not live long! WOW! That was a wake up call. I went in to see the doctor because I knew that when I ate poorly, I did not feel well.  Maybe this doctor was onto something!

Around the same time, my sister had become a vegetarian, and told me she read “Diet For A New America“, by John Robbins. I read that book, and forever changed the way I looked at meat on my plate, and milk in my glass. I removed all meat, except fish. I added greens, reduced processed foods, added nut mylk, made smoothies, added vitamins, and drank more filtered water. Over the next five years, I had two children. Although I had completely overhauled my diet, most days I lived in depression, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Fast forward to my late 30′s, after having my 4th child, I started having major anxiety attacks. I thought I was having a heart attack, went to the emergency room, and the doctor just laughed. After seeing my X-rays, he told me I was one of the most healthy people he had seen. I certainly did not feel healthy.

Here is where my journey truly began about health and understanding how the body heals. When you hear the saying “Our challenges become our strengths,” I am living testimonial to that! I began reading lots of books on health, like Conscious Eating, by Dr. Gabriel Cousins, Health and Rejuvenation by Andreas Moritz, Eating for Beauty, by David Wolfe, and Raw Foods Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet. I also read books on basic juicing, blending, sprouting.

At this time, I considered going to medical school, feeling very passionate about helping people to learn about their health. I attended a health expo in Burbank, California where I was intrigued and overwhelmed with all of the great health information being introduced. The very last booth at the health expo is where I discovered my life’s Purpose. I was introduced to a man who practiced iridology, sclerology, and live cell analysis. He described to me in great detail how quality water, minerals, and whole food nutrients can assist the body in the healing process.

I earned a degree in Nutrition, learning about live enzymes, energy testing, coffee enemas, emotional healing therapy. Although I had never heard about any of these things before, I would soon learn their importance in my life, and in the lives of my clients. I also began a Nutritional Consulting practice, educating my clients about the 7 Steps to Vibrant Body Health. The 7 Steps to VIbrant Body Health was created by sitting in front of my clients and hearing their symptoms. I also createdmy own Vibrant Body Health product line, after seeing the poor quality ingredients on the store shelves. If a person is confused about which products to buy, they will either many times purchase the cheapest product, which could create more toxins within the body, or just give up, as the correct products to purchase can be extremely confusing. The journey to creating the 7 products has been an exhaustive, yet very rewarding experience. Seeing healing and repair happen quickly is one of the rewards of taking these products.

My goal for anyone understanding True health is not about purchasing products; at the end of the day it is about education. When a move towards health is logical, it will be a routine for life. I would start all of my clients out with Step one: hydration. My clients would start their healing and repair by drinking the correct amount of quality water for a week.  Changing nothing else in their diets and lifestyle, except water produced phenomenal, life-changing results. Next, was step two: quality foods and whole food nutrients. I created the Vibrant Greens Drink, also adding Vibrant EnergyVibrant Ocean Greensand Vibrant Essentials, all which provided my clients with complete protein, complete nutrients, and energy! When the body possesses energy, healing and repair happen quickly.

However, it was step three, cleanse, that brought perhaps the most surprising results for my clients. One of my favorite sayings is “You don’t know how bad you feel, until you feel good.” Many of my clients were only eliminating once a week. Daily, productive elimination is the key to moving toxins out of the cells, so the body can utilize it’s energy to heal and repair. Vibrant Colon HealthVibrant Body Balance and Vibrant Pink Minerals were created to assist in this process. Step four: repair, which is the required bedtime for optimal repair was another surprising journey. Most people go to bed between11pm and 2am. I would offer simple steps to help move their bedtime back to 10pm. The healing I saw when clients were able to shift their sleep priorities was phenomenal!

Step five is physical strength, which many people are just too busy to do on a daily basis. I knew it would take 21 days to create a habit, so I created a 30 day journal to hold my clients accountable for their daily exercise, number of times deep breathing occurred, how much quality water was consumed and much more. The journal also held the key to some other very important lessons in health. When a person is held accountable for their actions in health, there’s a real cause and effect seen!

I offered raw food workshops, allowing participants to work with a dehydrator, a juicer, Vita mix blenders, experiencing for themselves how simple and delicious raw foods are to eat and to prepare. I made a Vibrant Greens Drink for my office daily. Most everyone could not believe how delicious a green colored smoothie could taste, and how great they felt after a few sips!

During this time, I attended school to earn a degree of Naturopathy. Something very interesting I quickly realized: most of what I learned in my schooling was not taught, promoted, preached by the media, or even discussed in most health magazines! I knew at that time I had another goal to add to my agenda: get the message of True healing out to the public! The 7 Steps to Vibrant Body Health are the answers to all health crimes against the body, and a True key to preventative medicine. When my clients are not feeling at the top of their game, I encourage them to go through each step to determine the ‘crime in health’, whether it be lack of water, sleep, or nutrients. Once that is identified, the problem is eliminated.

In fact, I have found The 7 Steps to Vibrant Body Health has helps all of my clients, all of the time. It’s the ‘aha’s’ in our health journey that uncover the True answers to healing and feeling Vibrant. I created a system that is a lifestyle, not a diet or quick fix.

Realizing what the vast majority of society sees as ‘healthy’ is a very gray area, and while most people may consider my walk of health unusual, this path has been travelled for thousands of years by millions of people, successfully, I might add. The current Standard American Diet, or S.A.D., has only been practiced for about 70 years, and a main reason for the rise of symptoms and disease challenges we face today.

“It’s about adding the good things into a lifestyle, not taking out the “bad stuff.”

Sitting in front of my clients for the past several years, I have discovered the foundation of what every person needs: quality water, whole food nutrients, colon/gut/digestive health, sustained energy, mineral replenishment, thyroid/hormonal/reproductive health, lymphatic, movement, emotional healing, and perhaps most important of all: understanding our life’s Purpose.

I invite you to learn about how your body can truly heal, through Vibrant Body Health products, the 7 Steps to Vibrant Body Health, educational material on this site, testimonials and most importantly, to love and forgive yourself and others.

Linda M Butler, ND CNHP

Nutritional Consultant