1. Drink quality water. Without proper hydration, nothing else we are doing in the health arena really matters. When the body’s cells are properly hydrated, healing and repair of the human body is quick and effortless. All of the quality, nutrient-dense foods and everything else done for the sake of True health works optimally.

First thing in the morning, before eating, warm 32 ounces of water on the stove. Add a pinch of Vibrant Pink Minerals in the water, increasing to half a teaspoon within the week. While waiting for water to heat on stove (should take no more than three minutes to heat to a slightly warm, not hot, temperature), use your fingertips to tap on your thymus gland (located below neck and above breast bone) Tapping on your thymus gland stimulates the lymphatics. Now, your warm water and Pink Minerals is ready to drink. Please drink mixture within one hour and consume before you leave the house for excellent results.

Through extensive research, measuring out all the water you will be drinking in a day first thing in the morning creates the greatest sense of accountability. You will be filling three more 32 ounce glass jars with water. The three 32 ounce glasses should ideally be room temperature. Add five drops of Vibrant Essentials to each of the three 32 ounce glasses of water, increasing Vibrant Essentials dose to 15 drops per 32 ounce (1 liter), daily. Start drinking #2-32 oz water shortly after finishing the warm water. #3-32 oz should be consumed shortly after finishing lunch, and #4-32oz should be ideally finished before dinner, but no later than 7pm. Our society is chronically dehydrated. You will be properly hydrated if this amount of water is your goal.

Optional additions:

-5 drops Vibrant Repair Drops (in each 32 oz)
-1 teaspoon MSM (sulfur for hair, skin, nails)
-1/2 lemon or lime squeezed into water (alkalizing)
Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar ACV (alkalizing)


2. Whatever we eat on a daily basis should have some resemblance of fresh and organic produce. Half of our plate should be live enzymes, foods that feed the cells. Vibrant Energy is excellent for getting all of the nutrients we need in a small tablet. This product could easily be taken during a fast with water as an excellent cleanse. Vibrant Body Balance is the perfect way to balance the digestive system and the gut, assuring that quality nutrients we are taking in are actually being absorbed into the cell. Greens Drink, smoothies and juicing are optimal ways to absorb nutrients, since no digestion is needed to absorb quality liquid nutrients.The correct amount of quality proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates are vital for the body to eliminate toxins and absorb nutrients. Dark, leafy green salads are also an excellent way to fill the body with what it needs to be Vibrant.


3. Getting the colon rollin’ is job #1 to get a daily productive #2! When the colon is moving smoothly on a daily basis (at least one bowel movement that is elbow to wrist in length) we are side-stepping symptoms, allowing the body do it’s best job ever: heal and repair! Vibrant Colon Health is an internal scrub brush for the intestines. Three simple ingredients in this product boost the immune system. When the immune system is healthy, the body side-steps symptoms and disease.

Vibrant Ocean Greens is great for healing and cleansing the skin from imbalances that show as brown spots, dry areas, and uneven skin tone. It’s an excellent source of iodine, it nourishes the thyroid and reproductive glands. Vibrant Body Balance is a probiotic that balances the gut and digestive system. FIR Sauna and Foot Detox Bath are other effective ways to open the channels of elimination of the skin, specifically where the largest pores of the body exist, the bottom of the feet! Deep breathing ten times daily is a crucial step to opening another channel of elimination, the skin.


4. The body does major organ repair at night; specifically between 9 pm and 3 am. Our head on the pillow and our eyes closed by 9 pm nightly is optimal. A pinch of Vibrant Pink Minerals just before bed under the tongue eliminates leg cramps, aches and pains so we can sleep soundly, and the body can do it’s job-heal and repair. Chronic sleep issues may need up to a week of this product to produce consistent restful sleep.

Physical Strength

5. There are a number of ways to get the lymphatics moving, which in turn boosts the immune system. Yoga , walking, swimming, hiking, or your favorite way to get the lymphatics flowing is the key to being Vibrant. The lymph glands have no pump, so at least of 30 minutes of daily, continuous exercise is ideal. The Whole Body Vibration Machine achieves a 1 hour workout in as little as 10 minutes! It is an excellent addition to a workout.

Mental Strength

6. Letting go of our emotional traumas is key to Vibrant Body Health. When we are victims of our past, we are not allowing the cells to let go of that lifelong imprint. Yoga is one amazing way to emotionally allow the body to let go of things not serving Purpose in our lives. Deep breathing also helps to let go of the chains that hold us back in this lifetime.

Spiritual Strength

7. We are not here in this life by ourselves or for ourselves. We are here to build our foundations strong so that we may reach out and help others. If we make building a strong foundation and helping others our daily goal, a few things become very obvious. We cannot do this life on our own. We all have Purpose in this life. We are here in this life for a reason. Working on the other 6 steps help us to perfect this last step. There is so much to learn about the spiritual part of our lives. It is less about a religion, and more about a relationship.This life is certainly not about being perfect, whether it be yoga poses, daily deep breathing, drinking optimal amounts of water, or even eating correctly. We are ‘life long jugglers’, adding one simple health item on a daily basis. Soon we are ‘juggling’ 12 items, yet it is as mindless as remembering to brush our teeth! If we are not happy with our current situation in life, practicing the 7 Steps on a daily basis, the best we can each day, will help us to more clearly see where we need to be and to become. Moving out people, places and things not serving purpose, allows the very purposefully things to move into place.
Here’s to your Vibrant Body Health!